The Purchasing Portal is the web platform used to manage the Supplier Register, the online negotiations and, in general, all the eProcurement activities under the current regulations.

The implementation of an electronic system stems from the urgent need to guarantee the efficient and integrated managing of the entire procurement process as well as to boost and to improve the collaboration with the suppliers, in accordance with the requirements of confidentiality, authenticity, competitiveness, integrity and willingness to share data.

Through the usage of eProcurement solutions, companies will enjoy such real advantages as:

  • reduction of the time necessary to prepare and to send Requests and offers: self-explanatory interfaces will guide the process automating its workflow;
  • increase of efficiency and effectiveness in the interaction with the buyer thanks to the automation and the standardisation of communication protocols aiming at streamlining the process;
  • reduction of participation costs thanks to the process computerization;
  • abidance by the requirements of confidentiality, authenticity, competitiveness, integrity in the sharing of data;
  • guarantee of a secure and reliable negotiation environment.

The platform is based on the Solution BravoSolution ESoP (Enterprise Sourcing Platform), developed by BravoSolution S.p.A., which avails of the highest technological levels in order to guarantee security and confidentiality in the handling of data and of transactions.