Minimum technical requirements

In order to take part in the online procedures created in the Purchasing Portal, it is necessary to avail of the following minimum technical requirements:

  • Personal Computer connected to the Internet.
    You need an ADSL connection or a company internet connection.
    NB: If you connect to the Internet through your company network, please let your internal IT department check the band availability and the actual connection speed; it is also advised to always use the same PC;

  • Environment (PC operating system):
    • Microsoft Windows 7;
    • Microsoft Windows 8;
    • Microsoft Vista.
    Other operating systems such as Linux or Mac OS X, although not officially supported, might work properly when recurring to such a browser configuration as indicated in the following paragraphs;

  • Usage of an adequate antivirus software regularly active and provided with constantly updated virus definition files;

  • Recommended Web Browser:
    • Internet Explorer 10 and 11
    • Mozilla Firefox (ESR) 31+
    • Safari 8 for MacOS 10.10
    • Google Chrome

  • Java Virtual Machine (JVM) SUN 1.8 or higher;

  • Browser configuration: the standard configuration, with normal installing, is required for the security settings, javascript and activeX, the cookies storage and the web pages cache;

  • Optional programs: according to the used functionalities and the typologies of documents handled as attachments, you might need additional programs such as: ZIP format compression/decompression utility, PDF format readers (Adobe Acrobat reader), office automation programs compatible with rtf (Rich Text Format) and MS Excel 2007 format, stand-alone programs to handle the digital signature;

  • Minimum screen definition: 1024 x 768.

  • With regard to the signing of the documents to be provided for the subscription to the Supplier Register as well as with regard to the participation to the procedures managed through the Portal, it is necessary, where explicitly required by the regulations of the subscription to the Register as well as by the negotiation documents, the possession of a valid digital signature certificate, issued by a body included in the public auditors' list run by the Digital Agency for Italy (as indicated in the art. 29, comma 1, of the D.Lgs. 82/05) and generated through a device for the creation of secure signatures, in abidance with the art 38, comma 2, of the D.P.R. 445/2000 and with the art. 65 of the D.Lgs. 82/05.