The Purchasing Portal is developed and managed by BravoSolution S.p.A., a company leader in the supplying of services and tools for the eProcurement, certified ISO27001.

The platform complies with the most severe security requirements whose aim is to:

  • guarantee the full abidance by the current regulations;
  • abide by the requirements of confidentiality, authenticity, integrity, willingness and not unwillingness to share data;
  • offer a secure and reliable environment.

The achieving of such results is due to the usage of consolidated and constantly updated hardware and software technologies and to the steady investment in the process of development and implementation of security policies and technologies.

In particular the infrastructure avails of:

  • server-side SSL certificates providing connection confidentiality, identity authentication in the connections and reliability;
  • an extended mechanism for the tracking and the recording of the users' activities;
  • an evolved system for the users' identification through authorisation credentials (User ID, Password, Smart Card);
  • a system for the monitoring and the protection from intrusion attempts via internet (IPS);
  • advanced systems of profile management and of user session control and validation;
  • security subsystems in redundant configuration;
  • antivirus systems based on a two-level architecture: "firewall" and "server".

For any information on the technical, security-related aspects please contact BravoSolution S.p.A.